BROOKSVILLE (R News) – A former Powell Middle School teacher is behind bars, after officials say he had inappropriate communication with a student.

33-year-old George Jeffrey Beall was just about to begin teaching Language Arts at Nature Coast Technical High School, when detectives with the Hernando County Sheriff's Office arrested him on charges of providing harmful information to a 14-year-old victim.

Officials say, after reviewing thousands of messages, detectives learned that Beall had been messaging the victim, almost constantly, for several months. There was very little response and/or interaction from the victim.

Upon interviewing the victim, detectives learned the messaging began when the victim was a student at Powell Middle School, where Beall was a teacher. The victim told detectives the conversations were "weird" considering the age difference between the two, and the fact that Beall initiated contact every day.

The victim also told detectives they felt bad ending the conversations, as Beall had cancer and the victim was his "only friend."

Officials say, the victim was slated to attend school at Nature Coast Technical High School this year.

Beall confirmed communicating with the victim took place via text message, Snapchat, and PlayStation, stating they communicated about "anything and everything" and confirmed exchanging photographs (of themselves) with each other.

When questioned about specific messages and memes Beall had sent to the victim, Beall stated he had no recollection of the messages that contained sexual overtones.

On Beall's cell phone, detectives located numerous GIFs and emoji's that had been sent to the victim. The GIFs and emoji's contained hearts and references of love.

Officials say, the behavior demonstrated by Beall is consistent with predatory behavior.

Officials noted that upon contact with representatives from the Hernando County School District, Beall was immediately removed from student contact and placed on administrative leave by the school district.