May Chapter Meeting 


Quote: “I am determined to be cheerful and happy in whatever situation I may find myself. For I have learned that the greater part of our misery or unhappiness is determined not by our circumstance but by our disposition.” 
Opened with voting on 2023-2024 Board Members. 
9 voting members were present; vote was unanimous: 
Abigail Prado – Chair 
Colleen Kamolnik – Vice Chair 
Terri Manring – Secretary 
Kristin Walser – Treasurer 
Britney Bouldin – Legislative Liaison 
Opened with Prayer,  followed by the Pledge of Allegiance 

Britney spoke re:

(1) NC Republican Party Convention 
6/8-6/11 in Greensboro 
Being held at the Koury Convention Center. 
Link for more information:  

(2) 6/29-7/2 in Philadelphia Marriott Downtown 
contact Britney @ [email protected] for more info if interested. 
Colleen spoke about how she, along with the wonderful help of Mr. Pavlov, has created/updated our local chapter website. Updates will be added on new board etc.  
I (Terri) spoke about our adopted school Walter Bickett Elementary. 
It was such a joy helping their teachers get a break at lunchtime during Teacher Appreciation Week.  I will be getting together with their liaison before school starts back to get suggestions of things we can purchase for these teachers classrooms. I hope all M4L-UC members will help.  

We were SO fortunate to have Deputy Chris Byrum UCPS SRO as our guest speaker. He received the state’s C.C.McGee School Resource Officer of the Year Award. He is a 19 year veteran of UCSO.  
He spoke of how they want the safety of our children to be #1, as well as building a rapport with the kids. 
Our dues cycle is now Jan-Dec. This makes it easier for everyone to remember. Dues should have been paid by now for 2023.  We will now need to charge $30. We aren’t going upnational is now receiving $5/per member to help in their cost of supporting us. 

Complete the volunteer registration form if interested now or in the future. 

Abigail offered a thought-provoking challenge: 
let’s each think of even just one thing this month that we can do as an individual, and after you do, share on the FB page. 

*Go to a meeting 
*speak at a BOE meeting 
*write a member of congress 
*let a neighbor know about M4L-UC 

Membership with M4L has Associate Member and Voting Member.  To become a voting member is $30/yr.  
All prior voting members should’ve already paid by now. If you are new to our chapter please see our Chapter Treasurer Kristin Walser with cash or check payable to Moms For Liberty-UC Chapter or  Venmo to:  

FYI: We had a great time at Katie Heyda’s home for our 1st official “Chapter Social.”   We’ll be trying to do something like this occasionally to unwind together. 

Meeting starts @ 7:00pm and held at the 
UCPS Professional Development Center 
721 Brewer Dr. in Monroe 

NEXT BOCC will be 06/05/23 & 06/19/23 from 6:00pm – 8:00pm 
500 North Main Street Suite 914.  Board Room 1st floor 
Our meeting was held at Char Bar in Matthews 
Led by Britney Boulder 
Other Board Members present: 
Colleen Kamolnik 
Kristin Walser 
Terri Manring 
Our next chapter meeting will be July18,2023 
Venue TBA