We have been Lakeville residents since 1989. Sixteen years before there was Lakeville South. After reading the opinion of Peter Woollen and his thoughts on the United Daughters of the Confederacy and the Moms for Liberty, we felt compelled to write our first ever letter to a newspaper and share our views.

It is our hope that the people who fund and send their kids to schools could have a say in what the curriculum is. And we are of the belief the “tightly scripted” groups he refers to have only the best of intentions when they request material stricken that goes against their beliefs.


Groups do not materialize to “ban books” as suggested. They can be born when those trusted to educate their children do so with views in stark contrast to their own. While the view of academia seems to run with the notion that they know best and are free to indoctrinate our youth with what others feel is perversion and guilt. Those opposed to the progressive views are “fearful” and possess “ridiculous notions” like Christianity. We have not asked them all but are quite sure teachings Jesus’s lessons like “loving your neighbor as yourself” and others will not seem that ridiculous of a notion to most people in


Lakeville. Do we need another group to form so we instruct children in character consistent with those who hire and fund the educators? Or is that extremist?