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Social Emotional Learning: Guide for Parents

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) has systemically transformed education causing massive spending, declining mental health, plummeting proficiency rates, and concerning anti-American rhetoric. This parent guide is an introduction to SEL that is easy to understand with action steps to implement in your community. Download and share!


The Trouble with Social Emotional Learning by Max Eden

Published with American Enterprise Institute


The Marxification of Education with James Lindsay

James Lindsay, founder of New Discourses, discusses the rise of radical education. Starting with Paulo Freire and his Marxist education philosophy and then explain how this philosophy has crept into the American education system.


Courage Is A Habit: SEL Surveys

"In-class surveys are how your child's data is manipulated to justify more destructive Social Emotional Learning programs. We explain how the surveys work and what you can do about it immediately to protect your child." Click to learn more.


Courage Is A Habit: SEL Decoder

Learn the language SEL uses to lull you into compliance.