Has this been your students' experience with breakfasts and/or lunches in Hamilton County schools?
Lunch: yogurt, saltines, and a cheese-stick. Or maybe a bag of bologna circles and a box of raisins.
Garbage in, garbage out: all children deserve healthy and plentiful literature. But similarly and urgently, they need nourishment for their bodies.
We are getting calls and emails from parents saying that their schools are not only short food - but they are short staff. There are not enough people to serve food in the schools, and help is needed.
How can we rally as a community to rectify this problem? What are your thoughts? Let's come up with creative solutions to send the School Board and GET THESE CHILDREN FED!
School Board Members Jenny Hill and Karitsa Jones, thank you for bringing this to the light and being bold enough to say that the food kids are eating in Hamilton County schools should be nutritious and plentiful! WE AGREE!