"Bob Chiaradio spoke on 6-7-23 at the Westerly, RI town council meeting in strong support of RI House bill H6324 sponsored by Democrat Representative Sam Azzinaro. He asks that the school committee vote for a resolution showing support of H6324 to protect the innocence of minors in school care.

House bill H6324 simply updates the current RI statutes 11-31-1 and 11-31-10. Both laws describe and give definition of indecency and obscenity to include cartoon images or animations.

Picture poster cards were used in the speech as aides of what’s considered obscene cartoon images in the book Gender Queer. Later on, other graphic novels such as Fun Home were mentioned.

Mr. Chiaradio brings up an observation that some people are obsessed with the sexualization of children in speech and print. He also notes the type of sex is inconsequential but the overt gestures of introducing sexual situations involving minors is beyond the pale in a moral society."