At the Boone County School Board Meeting on January 12, 2023 several parents addressed safety concerns over a student who made a "kill list" and was suspended from the middle school but returned to the high school after Christmas break, parents were not notified of this safety concern. 

The book Scythe is about 2 teenagers who live in a utopian society and they MUST kill people who are "no use in society" according to their "government/leaders" who make that decision. If they choose not to kill then they will be killed themselves. Books like this NORMALIZE KILLING. When students see people as objects as in a video game or a book, it cause dissociation and Dehumanization. I also bring up the book Kite Runner which glorifies child rape, child prostitution in a war striken country where soldiers do the raping. Again, by NORMALIZING RAPE and Dehuminization this leads to more violence and we have enough violence in our schools