The clip above is a great example of a common tactic used in political warfare, the Motte & Bailey.

The Motte & Bailey was originally a medieval European stronghold designed to defend a town. The bailey was created as the desirable living place where people generally want to be. There is more space to move about as it is flat and open. Because it is more exposed, it is also more vulnerable to attack. Overlooking the bailey, the motte is typically elevated as it is designed to do nothing but defend. Due to the intended purpose, the design can be restrictive and uncomfortable so no one wants to use it for day-to-day living. They will eventually descend back down into the bailey when they feel it is “safe” or socially acceptable to do so. This is where you will encounter the luxuries of personal preference.

As Americans, we should all be able to agree that freedom of speech is a right. One could describe this belief as a motte. While preferred pronoun requests contradict commonly held scientific and religious beliefs, most would likely allow an individual to at least make these requests out of respect for the motte of the First Amendment.

In this video clip, however, you will see a School Board Representative denying the individual freedom of another to make this decision without public stigma. She has descended from the motte of the First Amendment. She is now in the bailey of public correction on record in her position as a government official in an attempt to enforce cult-like queer theorist/transhumanist beliefs. Meanwhile, many still believe that love does not exist if not first built on a foundation of truth. 

"Say this or else." This, my friends, is the beginning stages of compelled speech. Compelled speech is neither loving or free. As someone who publicly embraces the circular reasoning "love is love" statement, this representative has abandoned the timeless wisdom that love does not insist on it's own way. It does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Rather than allowing fear of man to take the lead, many still carry within them the personal conviction to speak the truth IN LOVE no matter how uncomfortable they are made to feel. Anything less is self-preservation or self-promotion, not love. Some will never be publicly manipulated, shamed, or corrected "on record" into compliance and agreement with a cult transhumanist religion that ultimately exploits, mutilates, and sterilizes children. With Title IX changes pending, we can expect to see more examples of this in Wilson County Schools moving forward with this person as a decision maker.

(Wilson County School Board discussion on YOLO by Lauren Myracle ends with Rep. Pfeiffer correcting Dr. Beth Meyers because she didn’t use they/them pronouns when referencing a speaker.)
Nov 6, 2023 Full meeting found here: