Highlight from April 25, 2023, Hernando County School Board Meeting where Moms For Liberty - Hernando County (FL) Vice Chair, Monty Floyd, calls out the Board Majority, namely Board Chair Gus Guadagnino and Board Vice Chair Susan Duval and Superintendent Stratton - AGAIN - regarding the fact that our Chapter has been fighting for 1-2 years to remove around 38 pornographic and sexually age-inappropriate books, and to date only 2 of those books have been removed.

At this time this video was recorded only 1 of those 2 had been removed. Earlier in this meeting the Board Majority and Superintendent Stratton conducted what can only be described as kabuki theater as they colluded with the teachers union (one of the groups placing the bad books in our schools) to make false claims that book review committees were reviewing books, and that book challenges have never been made.


Scroll back through our channel and you can see videos going back to 2021 where Monty, Kara, and other members demanded that the board acknowledge the book challenges and act to remove the books.

Monty also touches on the Fox Chapel Middle School incident which at this meeting which was only just coming to the surface and was still being covered up by the District.