🚨Are the FSBA & Sarasota County School Board trying to usurp Sarasota County voters? 💁🏼‍♀️


Email AND/or call the Sarasota County School Board and tell them “NO” to the proposed SUPERINTENDENT CONTRACT CHANGES That were proposed at the 6/14/22 Sarasota County School Board Workshop. 

Proposed Superintendent Contract Changes:


3 Year Contract


Supermajority To Terminate, 4 to 1 vote


20 weeks Severance


This contract is expected to be rammed through, a week from now, at the School Board Meeting on Longboat Key.

Superintendent Asplen will not have his performance review until October 2022.   At the most recent school board meeting, Superintendent Asplen was given a raise based on his performance review from a YEAR ago!

This is NOT the first time the Sarasota County School Board, led by FSBA leader Jane Goodwin, employed this type of contract scheme. Could it be that the left is bracing for the SARASOTA CONSTITUENTS to flip the board to enable it to run as a REPRESENTATIVE FORM OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT? 

Call To Action

  1. 📧 EMAIL the School Board and let them know Jane Goodwin has no right to craft this contract without full input and PUBLIC discussion. Request that your email be included in the Legal Minutes.
  2. ☎️ CALL School Board Phone: (941) 927-9000 ext. 31147 Let the board know that Jane Goodwin will not be operating out of the sunshine and that this contract will involve full input from the board and the public.

  3. 📣ATTEND & SPEAK: Be sure to attend the school board meeting on June 21, 2022, at Longboat Key City Hall, 501 Bay Isles Road!


To email all School Board members: