The Chariho Forgotten Taxpayers group was cofounded by President Louise Dinsmore and Clay Johnson.

The group seeks to educate the community with information on topics that might remain hidden from view, misreported or underreported at best.

On September 22nd, 2023, the Chariho Forgotten Taxpayers PAC held a fundraiser event with approximately 60 attendees. Featured guest speaker was Nicole Solas who is often seen on the national stage.

Nicole Solas became renown to the RI and national scene when she simply requested information from the South Kingstown, RI school committee. Her children were to be enrolled and as a responsible parent became interested in the school curricula.

In this speaking event, Nicole goes through a timeline where she evolved from a curious parent to becoming a popular guest contributor on major network news channels.

At this event, Nicole demonstrates through video, texts and information gathered through her journey to show how schools are reluctant to provide information to parents that file APRAs (Access for Public Records). She was sued first by the South Kingstown school committee and subsequently by NEA for her efforts.