January 26, 2024

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BUT, those dollars don’t grow on trees. We need your help to “make it rain” donations so Moms for Liberty can continue to support your chapters and grow.  If you are willing to share your “WHY” with our donors, please complete the form below.  We are excited to shine a light on the wonderful and courageous work you and your chapters do for your communities. If you have any questions about this initiative, feel free to reach out to Rosalind Hanson ([email protected]).

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The Endorsements Resources had a major UPGRADE.  

Congratulations  to the first three chapters to complete their Endorsement Certification! Set aside time to take the Endorsement Certification, so your chapter is ready to endorse when you hit the endorsement sweet spot. The training portion is less than 20 mins, followed by a quiz of 20 multiple choice questions.

Access the Certification Training here: https://portal.momsforliberty.org/chapter-endorsements/


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Sign up now open for the next Moms for Libraries donation. We are now running on a first-come, first-serve sign-up list for each book title donated, so sign up again even if you have already. Please read the details before filling out this form for more info! Questions can be sent to me at [email protected].



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Moms for Liberty has filed its first Amicus Brief with the Supreme Court. Amicus curiae (“friend-of-the-court”) briefs are written by individuals or entities who are not directly involved in a legal case, but have expertise or insight to offer a court to assist in making its decision. As you know we find ourselves constantly and unfairly censored on social media platforms.  States like Florida and Texas have sought to protect the rights of citizens to free speech.  They have passed laws that restrict social media companies from removing certain political posts or accounts. Those efforts have resulted in legal battles that have lead to the top court in our country.  Together with Institute for Freedom of Speech, we continue to fight for the survival of America.  Thank YOU for being part of this effort.

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Taking the Truth EVERYWHERE…


There are certain places in America that are considered “captured”.  In these areas, people with values that align with our nation’s Constitution often find themselves unwanted.  Their policies often lead to a poor quality of life for citizens.  Most importantly, the policies can be bad for children, their parents, and the quality of education.  Moms for Liberty believes that Americans should be empowered and thriving in a culture of liberty.  We embodied and demonstrated what that looks like by holding our “Giving Parents a Voice Townhall in Manhattan.  The leftist politicians all protested and gnashed their teeth. In Joyful Warrior fashion, we welcomed them.  All viewpoints were welcome.  The good news is, the event was SOLD OUT!  It was held peacefully without incident.  The better news is that while some stood in the freezing cold to scream at the building, many came inside to a warm and open dialogue about how we can all come together for the sake of our children, their education and the future of America.   If you missed the Town Hall or the news coverage, check our Youtube or click the links on the photos below.

Fox and Friends Speak w/ Protestors at NYC Townhall

Joyful Warriors Fight Like Heck,

With a Smile on our Faces…


Tiffany Justice put on a master class in Joyful Warrior Style when she bravely participated in an interview on MSNBC. While her interviewer was not always nice, truthful, or fair, Tiffany showed the world how to handle yourself in a hostile situation.  These issues that are discussed are part of the national discourse because of YOUR hard work.  Please continue to show your community and the country what hides behind the education curtain.  We can’t fix it, unless the people are involved. Tina and Tiffany work hard to make sure YOUR voice is heard.  

 Moms for Liberty Takes on Joy Reid on MSNBC!



Join Deb Fillman as she delves into the world of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) and teaches you how this program is alienating children from their selves, their families, and their values. CLICK the photo to access the event page.


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Madison Minute

“Glass, China, and Reputation, are easily crack’d, and never well mended.”
- Poor Richard’s Almanack, 1750