In recent years, parents have witnessed a growing fierceness in the battle over parental rights, especially as regards their children’s education in public schools. Parents must remember that their love for their children is an expertise all its own – and their love outshines every false claim that would imitate or coopt it. 

They see little of this unconditional love reflected in the actions of public school officials who increasingly claim to stand in for them – not as aides and supporters, but as replacement parents. Parents are now much more aware of disturbing trends in public schools, where so-called experts are attacking and undermining their right to protect their children by coopting and distorting a crucial legal notion: in loco parentis. 

But an awakening has begun. Organized groups like Moms for Liberty, Moms for America, and parents around the country are starting to see that too few teachers and influencers in their sons’ and daughters’ lives are acting properly in the place of, and on behalf of, loving parents – and for the good of their children. American parents are reasserting their authority. 

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