Florida's Department of Education issued a memo to all school districts in late July explaining that they were not required to comply with the Biden administration's proposed changes to and interpretations of Title IX and Title VII. Those changes would require schools that receive federal funding to allow boys and girls access to opposite sex bathrooms if they identify that way. Under Biden's Title VII interpretation, funding would be withheld from lunch programs that do not comply.


The local teachers union, however, backed by the National Education Association which donated heavily to the Biden campaign, then issued their own contradictory guidance in a memo obtained by The Post Millennial. In so doing, they indicated that the "guidance" issued by the Biden administration had actually been enacted as federal law, which it has not been.

"I am concerned about the safety of our children in Clay County," said Tanya Kacsan of Moms for Liberty to The Post Millennial. "I am also concerned that the union is providing inaccurate information to teachers that does not align with guidance sent by Manny Diaz, Commissioner of Education."

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