The Biden administration's changes to Title IX, which recognizes gender identity as a protected class, will go into effect on August 1, just in time for the new school year. 

While Alabama officials continue to push back against implementing the new rules, students returning to school may face a much different environment than the one they were in last year, and parents need to help them prepare.

That’s why Moms for Liberty-Alabama and LOCAL Alabama have partnered together to host two Title IX town halls on July 1 and August 12 with featured guest speakers Attorney General Steve Marshall and State Rep. Susan DuBose (R-Hoover).

“The purpose of the Town Halls is to educate parents on the far-reaching impacts of Title IX changes and to help parents understand how they can fight back to protect their children,” said Emily Jones, founder and chair of Madison Moms for Liberty. “While Alabama has filed suit against these changes, it's important for parents to be aware of what possibilities could exist if these extreme policies are implemented. We want to arm parents with the knowledge and resources to fight for their parental rights if and when the time comes.”

While the issue of boys competing in girls' sports has dominated much of the conversation around Title IX, Jones said Biden's changes go far beyond that.

“The radical changes being pushed by the Biden Administration redefines 'sex' to now include 'gender identity' in all public schools,” she said. “These changes not only put males in female sports but also allow males into female bathrooms and locker rooms starting in Kindergarten. Additionally, there is no documentation required to 'identify as an opposite sex' which creates an extreme risk in female spaces. Teachers and students are required to use a child's preferred pronouns and name. If fellow students refuse, complaints of harassment and discrimination can be filed against other students — this is an attack on every student and parent's free speech and religious liberties."

LOCAL founder Allison Sinclair said the two groups and other grassroots organizations have been hard at work pushing for legislation to protect “Alabama’s children from these exact types of situations and infringements on basic human rights.”

“If ever there was a time for our governor, legislature and leadership in Alabama to seriously consider severing ties with the US DepartU.S.nt of Education and refusing federal funding, the time is now,” Sinclair said. “Biden’s new Title IX guidelines are a clear overreach of the federal government, and Alabama should never bow to such tyranny. Our state motto is “We dare defend our rights.” But will our leaders dare to defend our children? We’ll see come August 1st.”

The July meeting will be held at the North Shelby Library in Birmingham, and the one in August will be held at the Guntersville Recreation Center in Guntersville. Both are open to the public, but space is limited.