A controversial Brooklyn parent board blocked parents and press “not in alignment” with its extreme leftist agenda from attending its monthly public meeting this week — a brazen violation of state law.

At least a dozen people were blocked from joining Wednesday’s Zoom meeting, including a Post reporter who was apparently forbidden simply for identifying as a journalist for New York’s favorite newspaper.

“If people are not in alignment with our community agreements, they may not be allowed in this space,” Community Education Council 14 President Tajh Sutton told the 40 comrades allowed to attend.

The group took it a step further, empowering itself to boot any dissenter it deems a member of a “hate group” by tweaking its “community commitments.”

“We reserve the right to remove participants causing discord, spreading misinformation, and/or affiliated with hate groups,” read the group’s new community commitments — which needed to be agreed to before registering for the meeting.

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