CHEYENNE — Wyoming’s largest school district is considering a library book procurement policy for controversial sexually themed materials that, if passed, would likely be the strictest in the state.

Laramie County School District No. 1 in Cheyenne is discussing a policy that would prevent new books containing “sexually explicit content” of any kind from entering elementary schools and discourage them from being included in junior and high school libraries.

People opposed and supportive of the proposed policy agree it would be the most stringent policy in a state where many school districts are tightening their regulations.

What’s defined as sexually explicit relies on a wide-sweeping definition covering all sexual acts.

In short, if a book contains a sex scene, the district’s librarians would be at least discouraged from buying it.

Since the school district established a new policy for identifying books with sexually explicit content in its circulation last year, there have been 21 titles added to it, almost at the high school level. Any member of the public can nominate books for this disclaimer.

“It's important, because current policies are not being properly followed and have allowed sexually explicit books into our school libraries, a place with which they do not belong,” said Patricia McCoy, chair of the Cheyenne chapter of Moms For Liberty.