YOLO COUNTY, Calif. — A controversial parental rights group reached a settlement with Yolo County officials over First Amendment rights to free speech.

This started in August 2023 at the Mary L. Stephens Library in Davis. Moms for Liberty sued the county after a librarian asked the group to leave their planned event.

"The library violated our First and 14th Amendment rights," said Allie Snyder.

Snyder is one of the plaintiffs on the lawsuit. She helped organize a forum at the library to discuss transgender women and girls participating in female sports. Since then, Snyder has moved to Oklahoma, but said she's celebrating a win after reaching a settlement with the county.

"The library changed its policies to promote the First Amendment rights of all people who use libraries in Yolo County. And it also agreed a payment of damages and attorneys fees for shutting down that event initially," said Matthew Hoffmann, with Alliance Defending Freedom.

Hoffmann is one of the attorneys representing Moms for Liberty and said the county agreed to pay $70,000 in damages and attorneys fees. They allowed the group to make up their initial event.