Parents have the power to fight back against policies like these, according to Tina Descovich, the cofounder of parent rights group Moms for Liberty.

“Parental rights are natural rights,” she said. “And that means that we as parents have the complete authority to direct the upbringing, education, medical, moral, and religious upbringing of our children.”

Although news stories tend to focus on dramatic confrontations with school boards, lawsuits, and elections, the first step in stopping radical curriculum is talking with teachers, Descovich said.

“If it’s an individual lesson, the first thing you should do is reach out to your child’s teacher and have a discussion and see what the concerns are,” she said.

Talking with teachers about their lessons also creates change most effectively, Descovich added.

If teachers don’t listen, parents can talk with the principal. If the principal won’t listen, parents can go to the school board, Descovich continued.

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