Public school districts across Florida are working to comply with several new state laws designed to stop the sexualizing of young school children and the indoctrination of students with racially prejudicial theories.

As a result of the legislation, all books and other materials in school libraries and classroom book collections must be inventoried and reviewed by state-certified media specialists.

Recommended reading lists, newly purchased books, and donated books also are to be scrutinized.


One of the largest [groups] is Moms for Liberty, with more than 200 chapters nationwide.

April Borton, a Michigan grandmother attending a Moms for Liberty rally, said it broke her heart to see what her local school board did to students in her school district.

“They confused my five-year-old granddaughter when her kindergarten teacher told her she can be a boy if she wants to,” Borton told The Epoch Times.

“Now, that’s disturbing. We’ve always gone along to get along, but now we have to stand up, or it will be too late.”

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