Tiffany Justice, co-founder of the U.S. nonprofit Moms for Liberty, echoed Nigel's assertion that schools interfering with children experiencing gender dysphoria is an international issue.

"We partner with our children's schools, but we do not co-parent with the government," Justice said. "And we have government schools, and so government needs to have an understanding of their place and there needs to be a boundary between school and home."

"And I think what you're seeing in the U.K. is very much parents wanting to redraw that boundary between school and home, and government and home. Because parents have the fundamental right — and this isn't just an American right — parents have that fundamental right. It's a natural right — if you believe in God, it comes from God or Nature's God — an inherent natural right as a parent to direct the upbringing of your child."

"And that's their medical care, their education, their moral and religious upbringing. And parents shouldn't be worried that every time they send their child to school that the teaching in the school is antithetical to the teaching in the home," she added.

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