“Moms for Liberty” boasts more than 120,000 members nationwide, and there are other like-minded groups following in their footsteps. But it’s suspected many more mama bears are out there, sticking to their own dens.

Political observers predict mama bears could be the deciding votes in all kinds of races, from local school boards up to the White House.

“These women are going to be key because a lot of these races are going to come down to very tight races and even small groups, like Moms for Liberty and other conservative women groups, will make the difference,” Brauer said.

Former President Donald Trump, Florida Gov. Ron Desantis and all other Republican presidential candidates are well aware of the power moms wield.

Moms for Liberty has indicated that they will not be making endorsements in legislative races or the presidential election. However, the movement to get far more conservative women to the polls overall is obviously going to impact races at all levels.

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