Their fight has garnered news coverage and they have only been in existence for under 2 weeks. The Tennessee Star quoted our Moms for Liberty Williamson County chapter chair Robin Steenman, “The country is a ship. It’s sinking, and it’s listing heavily. I can’t right it, but I can grab a bucket and I can bail water. If enough people do that then you can keep it afloat.”

Robin has built a large active chapter in a very short time. She has hundreds of moms, dads, grands and citizens grabbing buckets and they are making an impact.

The website did an in-depth story titled Critical Race Theory Is Waking The Lions. It details the complexities they face in fighting CRT. calls attention to the power a movement led by moms can have on even the most difficult issues. The author states, “It is often mothers who become the champions of children and the animus of a movement to support them. Once awakened, their power can meaningfully move the needle on what seem to be politically immovable issues.” We know that there is nothing a mother will not do for her children. 

The challenge to keep CRT out of our schools is a nationwide battle that is coming to a district near you. It is important to educate yourself on the purpose of this movement and what the intended results are. You can read an article from Imprimis here to get a solid understanding if you would like to know more.

We hope you will grab a bucket by joining a chapter and donating to right the ship and fight for the future of America.


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