Out of the four Clark County School District Board of Trustee races from Tuesday’s primary election, one race is still undecided on which candidates will move on and Moms for Liberty candidates made a strong showing at CCSD’s trustee races.

Three candidates for the District E seat are nearly in a tie: Kamilah Bywaters, Lorena Biassotti, and Ryan Kissling.

Biassotti and Lydia Dominguez are part of the Moms for Liberty candidates. The group’s Clark County chapter ran four candidates in the primary election, one for each trustee seat that was up for grabs.

Dominguez received enough votes in District B to qualify for a runoff. Biassotti is separated by about 50 votes from first place, which belongs to Bywaters. Kissling is 206 votes away from tying Biassotti.

Since none of the dozens of school board candidates who ran received more than 50% of the vote, only the top two moved on to the November general election. However, it may take days before the public knows who are the top vote-getters for District E, due to the fact that mail-in ballots are still being counted.