Moms for Liberty is taking steps to continue their fight against Biden’s new Title IX Regulations by filing a lawsuit today, along with Kansas, Alaska, Utah, Wyoming, and Young America’s Foundation, to stop Biden’s Title IX Department of Education regulations for taking effect and gutting parental rights in K-12 education.Moms for Liberty is represented by Southeastern Legal Foundation and Mountain States Legal Foundation.

New federal Title IX language makes “gender identity” a protected class, which means students cannot use birth gender pronouns or other descriptors about those who no longer “identify” with that gender in school without facing possible discipline or embarrassment.

Moms for Liberty argues that these overly broad regulations will also chill a student’s ability to say they are uncomfortable with someone of the opposite birth sex in their bathroom, and that a parent could be prevented from being the one to teach their own child about gender identity as it aligns with their personal beliefs.