One day a mother was speaking at a local school board meeting. Shortly after she was answering a call from the FBI. Like dozens of other parents, she had been reported.

Following the announcement of a Department of Justice memorandum addressing alleged threats against school personnel, individuals across the country have been reported to the FBI’s National Threat Operations Center. Tiffany Justice, co-founder of Moms for Liberty, said she sees it as “a real, sincere effort to chill speech.”

Justice told The Federalist that an FBI agent called the mother, who belonged to Moms for Liberty, after she was reported from a school board meeting. Justice said the mother was “quite upset” when she spoke at the meeting because her children were adversely affected by quarantines and school closures, and she saw the effects on the other children also. Justice said the mother “was very concerned about the mental health of the children” and “went to the school board to make them aware of the fact that the kids were not doing okay.”

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