As parents are stocking their shopping carts with pencils, paper, and other classroom items, the cost at the cash register isn’t the biggest thing weighing on their minds. With politics and extreme agendas driving curriculum in public schools, parents are concerned about what their children will face and if they will be able to advocate for their child’s well-being. Incredible responses to this agenda from individuals, organizations, and conservative members of Congress have assured parents that they are willing to stand alongside them in this fight for our children.

It’s not a stretch to see that our children live in a completely different world in which we grew up. Radical gender ideology has rapidly infiltrated schools forcing girls to share bathrooms with boys. Books involving explicit sexual material are readily available on school library shelves. Even drag queens who perform for sexual entertainment are now welcome to perform in children’s spaces. Accompanied by the rewriting and watering down of our American history, our public education system looks more like brainwashing sessions rather than critical and classical learning.

Parents have been particularly disgusted with the sexualization of children in the public arena. In an attempt to provide a wholesome alternative to drag queen story hours in libraries, publishing company Brave Books created an annual event named See You at the Library Day. They teamed up with actor and author Kirk Cameron and Moms for Liberty to take this event nationwide. On August 5th, 300 libraries across 46 states hosted story hours with books promoting traditional values. These types of story hours are hosted by local organizations and parents on a regular basis. Check with your library or local conservative organizations like Moms for America to see what events are being held near you.

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