Julie Mauck appears in a white blouse with a cross necklace

Transgender activists tried to hound a Georgia real estate agent out of business because the realtor spoke in favor of moving a sexually explicit book from the children’s section to the adults’ section of the public library. Now, she is suing for defamation and violation of her rights under Georgia law.

“I never actually said what they accused me of saying,” Julie Mauck, the real estate agent, told The Daily Signal, referring to the transgender activists. “They began contacting my broker, asking my broker to let me go.”

In Georgia, licensed real estate agents must work with licensed brokers to carry on their business, so contacting Mauck’s broker represented an attempt to cancel her business. She works in the Athens area, east of Atlanta.

Mauck, who founded the Oconee County chapter of the parental rights group Moms for Liberty in 2021, has advocated parental rights in schools, particularly during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. She described facing opposition after defending parental rights.

“Google took my account down because they would leave false reviews,” Mauck said of the transgender activists.

The Coalition for Liberty, which helps Americans targeted by cancel culture, is paying Mauck’s legal fees.

“If somebody is knowingly and intentionally lying about you to try to silence your voice, that’s the essence of cancel culture,” Coalition for Liberty President Doug Turpin told The Daily Signal. “The essence of our mission is to stop people on the Left from trying to suppress and silence other people’s voices.”

“If you can’t win with just an argument that you put forth in a civil and respectful manner, then what they’re trying to do is win by cancel culture, by defaming people, costing them their jobs, and making everybody afraid to speak up and say what they think,” Turpin said. “That’s their goal, and we believe that has to stop.”

“Julie [Mauck] heard about what we do,” so she reached out, he said. “If you’ve been canceled with somebody knowingly and intentionally lying to try to harm you … come to the Coalition for Liberty and we’ll help you.”