As our organization grows,  and more parents are spotted standing up for kids while donning their Moms for Liberty Tees, the negative attacks multiply.  This letter to the editor appeared in the Florida Today paper on March 6th.   

This letter gives a good explanation of what types of things are happening in our monthly chapter meetings around the country.  We welcome you to join or start a chapter in your community. 


Letter to the Editor 

I recently checked out a new group, Moms For Liberty, at a meeting in a local restaurant. Although I retired from the Brevard County School Board in 2016 after serving 12 years, I still follow education issues. 

This is what I saw and heard at the meeting, which approximately 30 people attended. 

Moms For Liberty is a parent advocacy group founded in Brevard County two months ago. In a short time it has grown from one group of like-minded individuals to nine chapters in five states, with another 64 chapter approvals pending. The purpose of this group, as stated at, is to “hold leaders accountable, spread awareness, oppose government overreach, promote liberty, activate public service, and engage on key issues.” 

One person updated the group about the February school board meetings and what to expect in March. Discussions included state legislative issues in particular, the Parent Bill of Rights and “Madison Meet-Ups,” like book clubs, to read and discuss key documents like the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. At the close, participants were given postcards and encouraged to thank school board members for reconsidering their singing ban. Respect and proper decorum at public meetings and in every interaction with elected officials was emphasized, focus always on the group’s mission. 

I encourage anyone interested in advocating for education and parental input in our education system to check out this group. It’s definitely not a one-issue radical group, but a diverse group of citizens who want a bigger voice in our children’s education. 


Amy Kneessy