The Southern Poverty Law Center does one of the Left’s filthiest jobs: It smears political enemies as “hate groups,” putting these organizations’ staff at risk. It thus spreads hatred while mawkishly pretending to fight it. It foolishly believes its wall of sanctimony will obscure its ruthless tactics.

This week, the SPLC turned its screws on a slew of parental rights groups that have emerged over the past three years to keep racialization and sexualization (basically, pornography aimed at children) from infesting our schools. It issued a report that put them on its “hate map.”

Among the groups that the SPCL hit were Moms for Liberty, a national group started by Florida mothers who had finally had it, and started taking the country by storm. Another is Parents Defending Education, one of the most successful groups fighting to “reclaim our schools from activists promoting harmful agendas,” as its website says. I urge you to visit it and relish in its progress. It has actually forced school districts to stop segregating children by race.

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