But the internet was in its infancy when I was a kid and few of these issues ever received national attention. Today it’s another story. COVID-19 restrictions, school shutdowns, vaccine mandates, critical race theory, segregating students by race — these issues and others have brought a backlash from some parents who are frustrated with their school districts. After feeling like nobody was listening, some are taking the next step and running for seats on their school boards to enforce change.

One such group getting involved is “Moms for Liberty.” The conservative group sprang up in Florida and now claims 195 chapters in 37 states with almost 100,000 members.

They’ve been portrayed unflatteringly in much of the mainstream media. The Washington Post says they are hoping to take advantage of “brawlish … cultural divisions.” Another Post article says parents are “seeking control over education” and “taking over school boards.” Yet another article in the Post (see a pattern?) says these are “anti-woke” school board victories that have turned “usually nonpartisan races” into something “contentious.” A fourth Washington Post article agrees, writing that this could “deliver chilling effect[s] on racial equity efforts.”

It’s not just the Post. The New York Times says these fights are part of “the conservative school board strategy.” USA Today documented the many critics of Moms for Liberty. Salon says they want to “demolish public school.” Media Matters says these are front groups “facilitating the book-banning process.” NBC worries that they are “taking over school boards.”

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