In the United States, a relatively new and increasingly powerful - more conservative than not - parental rights group is causing many on the left and in the liberal media to lose their collective minds as they realize that this one organisation has the potential to completely upend the far-left status quo and the power their followers have wielded with little challenge for the last number of years.

And just what is this group which is striking fear into the heart of liberal politicians, far-left teachers unions, and the liberal media?

It is called “Moms for Liberty.”

During their second 2nd Annual Summit just held in Philadelphia, every major Republican candidate for President from former President Donald Trump, to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, to former South Carolina Nikki Haley, were clamouring to speak before the attendees.

It was no coincidence that the summit was held in the city where The Declaration of Independence was first signed on July 4, 1776.

Today, I believe an incredibly strong parallel exists between what the Moms for Liberty are doing now and what was done in 1776 by our Founding Fathers.

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