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All of America is getting a look behind the EduCurtain into who really controls education as we watch unions across the country time and time again fight against opening schools.

Is anyone surprised at this point?  

The latest news is UTLA voting overwhelmingly to not return to school but their leader taking time to remind them to hide photos of them having fun on spring break.   

The impact on children of school buildings still being closed after 1 year is devastating.  

 Also, a New York City school is asking kids to stop using terms like “mom” and “dad” at school.  It is clear that there is an organized effort to cancel family structure, which is the basic unit of our society.  

Moms for Liberty will not allow Moms to be cancelled.  They can cancel Mr. Potato Head.  They can cancel Dr. Seuss, but we know that Americans are not gong to stand for the cancellation of MOM!