Yolo County has settled with parents’ rights group Moms for Liberty over an incident that took place at a Davis library last summer. On Aug. 20 at the Mary L. Stephens Library branch, library staff abruptly ended a presentation, “Forum on Fair and Safe Sport for Girls,” in which members of Moms for Liberty, and other anti-trans activists, spoke about the issue of trans women playing on women’s sports teams.

In attendance was Yolo County Moms for Liberty chapter president Beth Bourne, and former collegiate athlete Sophia Lorey, who is now the outreach director at the conservative Christian advocacy group California Family Council. During her presentation, Lorey referred to trans women athletes as “men.” Library staff intervened.

“We don’t want any transgender females being called male in sporting events with females,” a library official had said. “If that happens, it’s not following our code of conduct and we will ask the person who says it to leave immediately.”

When Lorey then referred to trans women athletes as “biological men,” the branch manager asked her to leave, and turned off the projector to end the presentation.