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Parental Rights


Parental Pledge

Stand with parents by taking the Parent Pledge. Once you've taken the pledge, put it into action by encouraging your elected representatives from School Board to City Council to adopt a Parental Rights Resolution.


Parental Rights Resolution

Work to get a Parental Bill of Rights passed in your state using the model policy from the Parental Rights Foundation


Parents Of The World Unite, with Ian Prior

Listen in to the discussion on the current status of parental rights in America and what happens if we don't push back, potential solutions for issues like co-ed bathrooms, and the dangers of the school-to-scalpel pipeline.


Keeping Government Out Of Parental Rights, with Rabbi Yaakov Menken and Sheva Tauby

We discuss the overreach of government into private education as the Yeshivas are facing backlash for not being up to the "government standard", though the success rate of its students speak for itself. The fundamental right of parents to direct their child's education, medical care, morality, and religion is being attacked.


Protecting our Kids and Parental Rights, with Bethany Mandel

We discuss the state of parental rights in America and why we can't trust government organizations that claim to have our children's best interests at heart.


Parents Are Waking Up, with Florida AG Ashley Moody

We'll discuss what parents rights are in public schools and then wrap up with why it’s important to have good attornies general who will protect you and your family from unfriendly, woke policies.


Advocate Like A Mother, The Courageous Story Of Ginny Lauren Dowden's Stance Against School Masking

Through Ginny’s story of perseverance, we see the amazing effects that happen when parents decide to stand for their children against dangerous woke school policies, how a state’s public education can have a bright future if people speak out, and why it’s important that kids see their parents standing for their rights.


The Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment: A Toolkit for Parents

"The PPRA provides parents with a right to review curriculum used to teach their child at school. It also provides an even more extensive set of rights to review, and opt out, of certain surveys and studies that probe into the children’s lives and attitudes." Click to learn more.


Courage is a Habit: 10 Questions Parents Should Ask

Questions every parent should be asking their child's school.